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Mattel, San Bernardino

The Mattel facility is a 1.2 million-sq.-ft. national distribution and logistics center in a 58-acre site formerly occupied by the Norton Air Force Base in the Inland Empire city of San Bernardino. The facility, the area's largest distribution plant built in one phase, is a concrete tilt-up structure that features 30-ft. minimum interior clearance, dock-high loading with 144 doors and an early suppression, fast response fire sprinkler system.

The structure includes 25,000 sq. ft. of aftermarket retail outlet space, extensive amounts of reflective glass at the two-story entry, colored accent striping and notched concrete columns. Extensive parking and landscaping were also part of the project.

This vast warehouse facility was designed to consolidate and expand the combined capacity of the company's facilities previously located in Chino and the City of Industry.

When considering that 4,000 concrete trucks visited the site throughout the construction of the Mattel project, one begins to imagine the magnitude of this outstanding distribution and logistics center. The schedule for the facility was tight, mainly due to the consolidation of three Mattel warehouses into this new facility. The building had to be completed and occupied well before the surge in toy distribution began in the summer months.

Having a 1,000-ft.-wide building presented unusual challenges for the team, especially for the roof structure itself and the roofing subcontractors. The team developed a plan to optimize the daily amount of roof membrane in place to avoid weather impacts on the structure. The roof had to be built from north to south and because tenant improvements started in the south end, it was necessary to first construct four bays of roofing in the southern portion of the structure.

"We found the perfect leadership in the form of the Oltmans Construction and Hill-Pinckert Architects team. They got everyone's attention quickly, connected many moving dots on the page and produced something as impactful as the Mattel building-1.2 million sq. ft. that will energize the community of San Bernardino for many years to come."
-Lee Orr, senior vice president of Hillwood Investment Properties

Another major challenge was the remarkably fast construction of the 2,500-lin.-ft. Tippecanoe Street median. Traffic control and street design issues combined with late changes to the irrigation plan created the need for further approvals and permits. When grading began for the median, the team realized some of the sections contained 30-in.-thick pavement that required additional demolition work. Gas and jet fuel lines were also found while boring the street for the median's irrigation system. All of these challenges were overcome to complete the demolition, construction of concrete curbs, irrigation, landscaping, stamped concrete, asphalt patching, signage, striping and traffic signal loop adjustments in a period of two weeks.

The Development Team

Owner: Hillwood/San Bernardino LLC
Architect: Hill Pinckert Architects
General contractor: Oltmans Construction Co.
Engineer: Kramer & Lawson
Key subcontractors: Gregg Electrical
American Contractors (plumbing)
J.M. Carden Sprinkler Co.
Thermalair (HVAC)

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